About Us

Are you looking for unforgettable kite trips, far away from crowded lagoons and windless kite spots?  We’ve got you covered.

The Kite Surf Place is your kite buddy that stands by your side no matter if you’re planning your next kite trip, try a new trick on the water or are currently fighting the post-kite-holiday-blues and need some new inspiration. It is a platform where I want to share my kitesurfing adventures, experiences, spots , kite hacks and fun facts that make your kite adventure life a bit easier.

On our search for the perfect kite trip we have tried a lot in the past few years and always had a lot of fun. Now we pass what we have learned on to you and you can sit back and enjoy the kite trip of your life. This way you can avoid some of our rather unpleasant experiences such as un-kiteable beaches, wrong time and so on.

The best places for kitesurfing beginners have these features:

• Flatwater/shallow areas where you can stand safely
• Calm water with minimal waves and hazards
• Consistent wind of at least 10 knots. 
• Warm waters that aid relaxation as you learn.
• Less crowded spot with fewer people, which means no hazards.

Where are the best destinations to begin? That’s where we come into play.
We are a community site that allows Kiters to prepare their kite trips more easily. We give info about best kite destinations around the world, tips, and inspiration.